Make me a pan drawer - something nice. A companion for any AGA, Redfyre or Esse

Make me a pan drawer - something nice
Make me a pan drawer - something nice

When the client  commissioned an infill next to the AGA - this was the best we could come up with ....however,  all is not what it seems; following the cast iron lines and thumb-nail profile of the range doors,  traditional coil spring  handles open two pan drawers, with a surprise -  the utensil drawer simply pops out!

 Now, whilst we are not affiliated to any particular manufacturer, classic range cookers are strongly reccommended in our kitchen designs and our passionate craftsmanship emulates the cast iron look; each front is hand crafted to give the subtle foundry made shape then finished in 15 coats of durable paint which have, to date, had 5 years use. They look just as good as the day they were installed. 


Made-to-measure, in any colour, the companion drawer stack also offers the facility of electric opening - just nudge  it with your knee, hip or toe and out pops the drawer.



The client considered changing the red Rayburn for something less cottagey, but we surrounded it in black-

From our own stocks- black granite worktops, black brick tiles and on the left and right face,  black pull-out wire cage storage shelves...


The balance of colours saved the Rayburn.

Keeping the Red made a feature
Keeping the Red made a feature


Centre feature of any kitchen this Rayburn was inherented with the house. The money saved on keeping it paid for some of lifes little extra.


Made to width the infill panels on the left and right pull open to reveal chrome wire shelves. Other options now available included baking tray storage or tea tea-towel hanging space.


We have an over-all choice of 12 models, left and right handed with  options which now includes fuel valve over-cloaking for easy yearly maintenance/inspection.



Below - product notice - THIS IS NOT A COOKER!



If you want a classic range look but already have a tower cooker location this pan drawer offers an eye catching feature. 


In this instance the design was constrained to a depth of 450mm. Made-to-measure, however, the 2-tier option also doubles as chiller drawer fronts - just for that unusual addition to any kitchen designers dream.


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