Electrical Generator station conversion
Electrical Generator station conversion

Lazer-level, the sycamore panelling had been selected from trees at source, planked, kiln-dried and converted into this beautiful light wood ceiling. At 100m2 the ambient lighting was split into 6 switched zones.



Converted into a live-in musician's studio, the sound specification required the internal ceiling  not touch the original external  roof.


The truss kits were assembled in-house, erected onto the original concrete wall plates and clad from inside with  2 types of  thick insulation. Creating a very warm, cozy pad.


With the sound kiosk removed we nestled this studio kitchenette into the recess.


Picking up on the clients Taoist influence we created a collage of stainless steel triangular splashbacks to emulate the Hymalaya - (as one does).

Taking a wall out does leave a hole in the floor. This stainless steel frame was designed to contain the LED's, flooring-grade glass and an access panel to power supply. More importantly it took up the mis-match in floor levels.  

From the header image can be seen external ash doors and frames, oak flooring with swept treads, internal ash doors and decorative mirrors with walnut . Not forgetting stairs, architrave and skirting. 

Just off the top of the shot are the  ash veneered structural pine beams - photo below.

45 degree  angle shot
45 degree angle shot

Getting the 14 foot long overlay veneer up there was a challenge but it gave us the opportunity to conceal the surface mounted electrical cables.


The light ripple ash hid the dark orange of the pine exceptionally well. The finished article is a crisp, bright beam - or two. ( see  'Clients Testimonial' footage).

Below are some diary shots - from vacuum bag press to battening the beam.